5 Day Mobile / DSLR Course

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Language: English

Instructors: Ssaurabh A Chatterjee

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Why this course?


Do you make these MISTAKES in Photography?
-> Your results are different from what you actually see.
-> Not able to take professional pictures with phone or DSLR
-> Your pictures are not sharp in focus
-> Not satisfied with your pictures
-> Bad lighting
-> Wrong angle and framing
-> Hardly editing or editing too hard.
-> Your pictures don't stand out

Why Join this course?
->This course will make your DREAM COME TRUE! Your dream to take great pictures, you know how to do it.
-> Just 5 Days at your convenient time.
-> Very good value for money - for the cost of a Pizza
-> Money back guarantee if you don't get benefited at all, you can take your money back.

Join me for this never before 5 days action-oriented course where you will actually be able to take some great pictures by the end of the session.
I believe that ANYONE can take a great picture if you know the 3 Secrets.
Yes, if a person with an average IQ like me can do it, anyone can.

I'm also going to prove that YOU DON'T NEED an EXPENSIVE CAMERA, to take great pictures. You can do a lot with your phone camera.

Imagine how you would feel when your friends say "AWESOME!" about your pictures.

I'm your mentor Ssaurabh A Chatterjee and I will share my proven methods that I shared with 5000 people across the globe in the last 10 years of teaching.

I strongly believe anyone and everyone can take great pictures.

Just by shifting your focus to the 3 Step Method, you will be able to awesome pictures from Day 1

If you are passionate about photography and an action taker and want to be known as a PRO
Transforming from an average shooter to an awesome photographer will be the most fulfilling moment in your life and it is just 5 days away.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you don't find any improvement, you can take your money back. No questions asked.

Day 1 - The Three Secrets
Day 2 - Capturing Moments
Day 3 - How to tell stories with your pictures
Day 4 - How to Take a WOW Picture
Day 5 - Graduating day. How to shoot portraits, landscapes, architecture, wildlife
Photography as a career.

Bonus - Review of Pictures

Exercises and assignments will be given to be completed on each day.
All participants will receive certificates.
Recording of the sessions will be available if you miss any one session.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Dates: March 15th to 19th, 6 pm to 715pm

Who is this course for?
Anyone who wants to take better pictures with their phone camera or DSLR. Since everyone has a phone camera now and we all use it, this course is relevant for everyone.

Can I Use a Mobile Phone Camera for the class?
Any camera is fine - Mobile or DSLR

What is the Age Group to join?
7 years to 80 years, people of all age groups can participate

What if I miss one session?
The recording will be made available. However, I would highly recommend that you join the live class, it is always more effective.

What if I miss the whole week?
You will be informed about the next batch dates and you can join.

Is editing covered in this course?
Yes, we will cover editing as well. I will show you how I have edited some of the pictures that I'm going to show during the class.

Are you kidding me - 5 days can make me a PRO?
Well, it takes decades of practice to master the art, but in 5 days you will definitely be able to identify what to shoot and how to do it. You will surely get the direction of your Photography journey. If you are disappointed with your pictures, you will understand what to correct.

We have limited seats! Join this course TODAY!
This will be the best decision of your life, I promise.

Course Curriculum

Before you Start (2 pages)
01 Welcome and Concepts (72:00)
Day 2
02 Behind the Scenes Part 1
Day 3
03 Behind the Scenes Part 2
Day 4
Why is Post Processing Required
01a Limitations of an Editing Tool
05 Mobile Editing / Processing (93:00)
5 Day Assignment (1 pages)

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